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Frequently asked questions

  • Why Trichter?

    What exactly do you mean? Why we chose the name Trichter? Or why we decided to build a tool like Trichter?

  • Actually I was wondering about the name.

    The word Trichter is German for „funnel“ – and with Trichter, you can build and visualize sales funnels. Makes sense, doesn’t it? If you wonder why we chose a German word for a brand name: We are from Germany. Guten Tag.

  • How much does Trichter cost?

    Trichter is free to use. You can upgrade your subscription though, in order to have access to lots of additional icons, export possibilities and, last but not least, the Trichter Calculator.

  • What is this Calculator about?

    Imagine you’re building a funnel: Wouldn’t you like to know how much revenue you are likely to pull in if you invest a certain amount of money in ads? Just put in your ad spend, a cost per click, click-through rates and a conversion value – that’s it! Broadly speaking. There’s more to it.

  • Who would use Trichter?

    Everyone who wants to comprehend and optimize digital sales funnels more easily, map and explain them to clients, managers or bosses, or needs to calculate their ROAS, revenue or what not.

  • I don’t know nothing about sales funnels.

    No problem at all! That’s why we will provide you with pre-built templates for all kinds of scenarios, so that you can start immediately. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about sales funnels, check out what we wrote in our magazine.

Let's unravel sales funnels together

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